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Meet the team

MK Active - is a family brand that has a foot on either side of the ditch. Owned and operated in both Australia and New Zealand, our small but mighty fitness brand was founded by sisters Maria and Karen. We're all about epic, functional sportswear that you don't have to compromise on price because looking fit and fresh shouldn't leave you broke.

Behind the brand

Meet Karen, our fearless founder and the not-so-quiet observer. With a degree in shopping (or she would if you could), she's your passionate sales guru, always ready to kit you out for your active adventures.

MK Active's Heart

Then there's Maria, the yin to Karen's yang. A people lover and avid chatter, Maria is fuelled by the incredible opportunity to make you feel awesome in our gear.

More than clothes

Real movement, real people

Our clothing is named after real people, if you haven’t already guessed. The namesakes are given to those who love the garments, have purchased and rock them!  (You may just find one named after you when you fall in love with MK Active).

  • Family owned business

    Founded and owned by sisters Maria and Karen.

  • Affordable activewear

    Looking fit and fresh shouldn't leave you broke.

  • Made for movement

    Made to sweat in so you can move with confidence.

  • Made for your life

    From the gym to a .stroll you can wear MK Active

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